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    If you’re a big Starbucks fan then you’ve probably seen customized tumblers floating around! This is a fun way to add a bit of personality to your Starbucks cold cup that is easy to DIY. The first step in creating your own personalized tumbler is to choose a decal! Feel free to browse through our collection of bundles and find the right decal for you. 

    We have the largest collection of high quality Starbucks SVG bundles to customize your tumbler with your own style and personality. You will love our large collection of SVG images from Starbucks wraps to sports, Disney, and movies!

    How to use these SVG Files to Personalize Your Starbucks Cup

    Once you have the perfect SVG for your tumbler, you need to enter the measurements into your cutting machine. For this project, make sure you are using a permanent vinyl that can withstand being exposed to water.

    Keep in mind that the logo sizes that are printed on the cups by Starbucks are ever changing. For best results use a fabric tape measure to double-check the dimensions. 

    Logo Size Guide: This is a list of the sizes for the actual logos that are already on the Starbucks cups when you purchase them. This will help you create your own designs if you wish.

    Venti: The venti cold cup logo is 2.188 in W and 2 in H.

    Hot Travel Cup: The Starbucks hot travel cup logo is 2.438 W and 2.188 H.

    Grande Cold Cup: The grande cold cup logo is 2.063 W and 1.9 H.

    Venti Cold Cup Size Guide: If you want to add the circle decal on Venti cold tumblers set the width to 3.711 inches and set the height to 3.366 inches.

    For the full wrap on the Venti cold cups set the dimensions to 10.919 inches wide and 6.729 inches tall. The full wrap that surrounds the circle decal should be set to 10.931 W and 6.75 H.

    For the grande cold cup full wrap, set the dimensions to 10.924  W and 4.984 H. For the hot travel cup full wrap set the dimensions to 9.896 W and 5.798 H.

    How to Apply a Logo Border Decal to Your Starbucks Cup

    Once you enter the measurements into your Cricut or Silhouette and cut the design you need, you are ready to apply it to your Starbucks cup. 

    Start by placing the middle of the design down and checking to ensure it’s evenly spaced on all sides. Once it looks even, you can begin to adhere the design to the cup by pressing from the middle and moving out.

    Use a scraper tool to go over the entire design pushing out any air bubbles and helping your vinyl to adhere completely to the base. This step is really important to make sure it securely adheres to the cup.

    Gently peel the transfer tape away starting at the top corner. And voila! Now you have an adorable customized Starbucks cup to fit your style and personality! 

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